It is hard to remember when there were only two roads that went to the beach; Beach Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard. Or, when commuter from Arlington, Southside, and the Beaches had to take Interstate 95 to get to the airport. JTA has been providing the backbone of growth in Jacksonville for over 50 years, and we will continue to plan, design and deliver transportation options for a vibrant and growing Northeast Florida: roads, bridges, mass transit, trolley, automated skyway, paratransit and more.



JTA is a unique state agency, established by state statute in 1955, as the first limited access highway ("expressway") development agency in the State outside of the State Road Department (now FDOT). At that time, the mission was to build and expand the expressway system serving Jacksonville, the gateway to Florida's east coast. The first assignment was the completion of Interstate 95 including the Fuller Warren Bridge and completion of the Mathews Bridge.

Transit Funding:
  • Passenger revenues
  • JTA's local option one-half cent sales surtax
  • Federal and state grants
  • Advertising revenues


Highway Funding:
  • JTA's local option half-cent sales surtax
  • Federal and state sources


The only funding that JTA receives from the City of Jacksonville now is an annual appropriation of approximately $1.1 million to support the transportation of disabled clients.

Going Green

While controlling costs, JTA is also working to be more eco-friendly. We have changed 108 lighting fixtures, and replaced old, non functioning air conditioning and heating systems in our office buildings to be more energy efficient. Roof repairs to facilities have utilized eco-friendly materials. Ultra low sulfur diesel is being tested in the fleet. In the coming year we are adding a recycling effort, improved electrical services, solar lighting and green cleaning products. The future holds flex-fuel transit vehicles and solar-powered transit shelters.