CSX repair work to the railroad crossing on Edgewood at Beaver will continue July 27-31. Both lanes of Edgewood will be closed between Cassat Ave. and Beaver St. The only bus route that will be affected is Route 51, which will be on detour. No bus stops will be missed. However, heavy traffic delays are expected.

The Recovery Act

The Recovery Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is a newly created effort by the United States government to jumpstart our nation’s economy by creating and saving millions of jobs and addressing long-standing challenges. The Act provides for never-before-seen levels of transparency and accountability so you’ll know how, when and where your tax dollars are being spent. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act also includes built-in metrics to dispel waste, inefficiency and unnecessary spending. Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is ready to put these stimulus dollars to work in Northeast Florida to improve and grow mass transit services and design and construct bridges and highways.

You will now be able to see JTA grants and projects that will allow us to enhance our services, expand our capabilities and continue to serve the growing Northeast Florida region. Major planned investments include new roadways and bridge enhancements to existing traffic corridors, energy-efficient hybrid cooling systems and and also biometric access systems for protection of critical transportation facilities. Be sure to check back often for updates.

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ARRA-Funded Projects

Project Description Budget Mode/Program
Highway Alta Drive Resurfacing (Design Build) 3,558,883 Highway
Rosa L. Parks Station Security Guards To improve passenger safety 862,0047 Security
Operating Assistance for Route SS6 To provide bus service to the Beach Blvd., Town Center and UNF commuities 1,079,943  
Cummins Engine Retrofit The 2003 (24) and 2004 (21) Gillig buses have significant mileage and will require engine overhaul or replacement 1,795,544 Bus
Nova/RTS Body Panel Replacement Kits This project will upgrade the security of the access panels and enhance the appearance of the buses. 50,590 >Bus
Portable Vehicle Lifts To acquire vehicle lifts needed for new P.M. Inspections bays in Maintenance Annex. 60,000 Bus
Platform Edges Replace platform edges that are damaged or have excessive wear 48,758 Skyway
Station Stairs Repair damaged stairs at three stations (Convention, Jefferson, and Central). 144,598 Skyway
Verticle Transportation To replace 20-year old escalators 390,000 Skyway
Guideway Rail Components Replacement of elements for ground/signal and power rails including installation of related components 78,645 Skyway
Guideway Switch Actuators Programmed maintenance replacement of switch beam actuators for 4-year overhaul 57,999 Skyway
Hybrid Electric Cooling System (EMP) System will eliminate bus hydraulic cooling leaks, reduce overheating issues, reduce vehicle weight by approximately 300 lbs. 1,275,000 Bus
Thermo King HVAC Motor Replacement Kits To replace and upgrade the evaporator and condensor bus HVAC motors rather than overhaul the current old motors. 287,866 Energy
Fare Collection System To install modern fare collection equipment in bus fleet . 4,375,000 Mass Transit
Paving Installation New Areas - JTA Parking Lot Expansion Parking lot expansion to accommodate employee parking which will allow improved site security, and provide adequate visitor parking and repair current parking area 526,255  
Philips Highway Park & Ride Lot Maintenance & Improvement Add new access, signal, re-striping and rehab/renovate to Philips Highway/ Butler Blvd. P & R Lot 351,494  
Park & Ride Lot Maintenance & Improvement Repair/resurfacing, striping and maintenance of downtown, and other Park and Ride lots 105,678  
Skyway Fare Collection System Replace portions of the current fare collection system which is 20-years old. 250,000  
Paratransit and Community Vehicles Purchase community shuttle vehicles to replace units that have exceeded their useful life or are needed for expanded/ modified service areas. 1,423,745  
Brake Shop Roof Replacement Brake Shop Roof Replacement 57,828  
Maintenance Building Roof Replacement Maintenance Building Roof Replacement 470,000  
Car Key Control System for all of JTA Pool Cars To provide security control for all JTA pool car keys 9,000 Security
One 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV Purchase replacement vehicle for security 24,748 Security
Cameras along Fence Line at Myrtle Ave Property To provide additional perimeter protection for the JTA bus operations facility at Myrtle Ave. 60,005 Security
Enclosed, Secure Area for Lost & Found Staff To provide added protection to the JTA Lost and Found staff 19,995 Security
Landscaping & Irrigation Services To provide maintenance and beautification to JTA properties 199,727 Enhancement
Replacement Buses To reduce emissions 3,099,143 Bus
Bus Shelters To add to the inventory of existing bus shelters 250,000 Passenger Amenities
Solar Lighting for Bus Shelters To increase safety 100,000 Security
Administrative Office Trailer Additions To provide temporary office and conference room space for JTA 850,000  
Clean up of Maintenance Facility To rehabilitate property 0 Enhancement
Security Equipment for Bus Shelters To enhance passenger safety 79,850 Security
Regional Park and Ride Hub To develop a new park and ride 982,450  
Replace and Upgrade Guideway Rail Hangers Replace Guideway rail hangers with upgraded units 36,559 Skyway

Special Accommodations

Special accommodations such as Braille and large print of all JTA printed documents are available upon request. Contact Customer Service at (904) 630-3100 with your request. Please allow 7-10 days for processing.

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