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Southside/Baymeadows Intersection

Better Jacksonville Plan, BJP-2
Status Report is for May 2013

This is a rendered view of Southside Boulevard/Baymeadows Road Interchange project. For more information call 630-3181.

DESCRIPTION: This is a BJP Program Intersection Improvement project to add at-grade improvements at this intersection.  In addition, potential improvements from Baymeadows to west of I-95 has been identified.

Current Activity: DESIGN PHASE: Design began in the third quarter of 2008.  The consultant, CH2M Hill, has submitted the 100% roadway design plans for review.  Project documents have been submitted to FDOT for right-of-way acquisition and construction as a safety project.   

A public information meeting was held on October 15, 2009. Citizens were able to talk with staff about issues related to the project area. Click here to view the presentation made at the meeting. 

Additional project displays are available by clicking here.

Click here to view the Public Meeting Report (October 15, 2009-Twin Lakes Academy Middle School)


A public meeting was held March 24, 2011 at FSCJ Deerwood Campus on Old Baymeadows Road to review final design plans.  

Click here to view the presentation from the March 24 meeting.

Additional project displays from the March 24 meeting:


Project Limits

Summary of Improvements

Summary of Improvements-2

Roll plot improvements

Location map



Please see FDOT’s 5 Year Work Program.

Right-of-way is programmed in FDOT’s 5-Year Work Program for FY 2014 and FY 2015, with construction in FY 2016.  

DBE/MBE: DBE participation will conform with FDOT policy.

SIGNIFICANT ISSUES: Preserving the surrounding neighborhoods, while providing traffic congestion relief and improving safety at the intersection, and reducing air pollution along the transportation corridor.  There is no funding available for right-of-way or construction.


Wendy Morrow, (904) 598-8733 or